Class Sessions

Fall 2015: September 14 - November 7
Winter 2016: January 11 - March 5
Spring 2016: March 21 - May 14


Art, Performing Arts & Dance Classes:

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Nature Classes:

Nature Classes & Public Programs

Preschool Nature ProgramNature classes and programs at the Schrader Center provide opportunities to celebrate and study the natural world, with a commitment to inspire individuals to develop and maintain a sustainable relationship with the environment.

Youth programs like Preschool Days and Budding Naturalists teach children to act in a caring and responsible way towards their environment, themselves and others through hands-on educational activities.

Public programs such as Nature Scavenger Hunts are offered to foster an interest and knowledge of the regional environment while strengthening the relationships of family members to nature.

Roots 'N Shoots

Roots 'N Shoots Fall Series

Roots 'N Shoots allow adults and children to incorporate nature education and outdoor fun into each season. Lessons include a hands-on nature craft, story, song and a short trip (weather permitting) to outdoor areas around the Schrader Center. Topics include:


    Sept. 11: Bug Families - Find out what makes a bug a bug and what they have in common with YOU! Get ready to track down some insects!

    Sept. 25: “T” is for Turtle and Tortoise Too - Discover the differences between a turtle and a tortoise with your eyes, hands and body. How slooow can you go?

    Oct. 9: The Leaf Man Cometh - Turn on your super color-detector eyes and explore the forest floor looking for pieces of your very own Leaf Man or Woman.

    Oct. 23: What Was I Scared Of? - Take a peek at nocturnal animals hanging around at Halloween. Find out why scary critters aren't so scary.

    Nov. 13: Where Did the Birdies Go? - Find out which feathered friends fly far away before winter comes. Find out who stays and make a treat to share with them.

    Nov. 20: Long Winter Nap! - Yaaaaawn! How can critters sleep right through the holidays? Discover ways animals survive during the winter, including those who sleep right through.

    Ages: 2-4 with adult
    Meets: 9:15-10:15am OR 10:30-11:30am Friday, Sept. 11, Sept. 25, Oct. 9, Oct. 23, Nov. 13, & Nov. 20
    Begins: Fri., Sept. 11
    Duration: 1 hour sessions, meet for 6 weeks
    Instructor(s): Robin Lee

    $84/$72 OI members ($30 for each addt’l child)
    Limited Walk-ins: $14/$12 OI members; $5 for each addt'l child

    Call 304-242-6855 to register.

Budding Naturalists

Budding Naturalists Fall Series

Designed for our littlest independent learners (4 years - 1st grade) without a parent.


    Sept. 11. Pressing Flower Power! - See what's in bloom in the fall garden! Gather a small bouquet, press a few flowers, find some seeds, and maybe spy a butterfly.

    Sept. 25: Crustaceans in the Garden - How are pill bugs similar to crabs and lobsters? Find out what they share and take a peek at pillbug armor!

    Oct. 9: Who Needs Seeds? - Spiky, fuzzy, smooth or wrinkly...Explore the forest floor looking for seeds and their many different “coats”.

    Oct. 23: 'Dem Dry Bones are Gonna Rise Again! - Examine 'dem bones (vertebrae and skulls) of different animals. We'll connect the knee bone to the shin bone and see what we got!

    Nov. 13: Why Do Some Birds Go and Some Birds Stay All Winter? - Predict which body parts determine what birds stay and what bird leaves town before the snow falls!

    Nov. 20: Herpetology and Hibernation - Herps are reptiles and amphibians. Become a herpetologist for a day and discover the differences between these two animal families and how they deal with winter.

    Ages: 4 years through first grade
    Meets: 1-2pm Friday, Sept. 11, Sept. 25, Oct. 9, Oct. 23, Nov. 13, & Nov. 20
    Begins: Fri., Sept. 11
    Duration: 1 hour sessions; meet for 6 weeks
    Instructor(s): Robin Lee

    $84/$72 OI members ($30 for each addt’l child)
    Limited Walk-ins: $14/$12 OI members; $5 for each addt'l child

    Call 304-242-6855 to register.

Public Classes & Programs

Birthday Parties at the Schrader Center

Celebrate your child's next birthday with a hands-on, nature-themed party led by an experienced naturalist. Parties take place partly indoors, partly outdoors as weather permits, and you can choose a theme that best meets your child's interests. Parties include stories, activities and a craft based on the party theme to keep children involved and entertained while they are learning. Click here for information sheet.


    Ages: turning 5 - turning 12
    Guests: Minimum of 8 and maximum of 15 children (Two adults must stay with the party. If you have more than four adults or more than 20 total guests, we ask that you consider a facility rental rather than a facilitated children's party.)
    Time Slots: 10am-12pm or 2-4pm Saturdays or 2-4pm Sundays

    $230/$200 OI members
    Call 304-242-6855 for details and inclusions.

New Class Howl-oween Hootenanny: Poetry Open Mic

Bring your poems and fall in with fellow hipsters on the 60th anniversary of Allen Ginsberg's first public reading of "Howl". Begin with a social hour followed by a presentation of the poem as performed by a chorus of local tuned-in celebrities. After a short break, each reader will have three minutes to wail their riffs in a randomly drawn order. The open mic portion of this event will be limited to twenty spots that will be reserved on a first-come basis. Please indicate if you would like to participate as a reader when registering. Includes light refreshments catered by The Vagabond Kitchen, soft drinks, coffee and tea. Held at Camp Russel, Oglebay.


    Ages: 21 & up
    Meets: 6-8:30pm Wednesday, October 7
    Begins: Wed., Oct. 7
    Duration: 2 1/2 hours
    Instructor(s): Greg Moore

    $11.50/$10 OI members

New Class Moose Tails

There's a moose loose at the Schrader Center! Join us for a few moose stories and a fun craft to take home. You'll also meet Dudley, the Schrader Center's resident Moose!


    Ages: 4-7
    Meets: 10-11:30am Saturday, November 7
    Begins: Sat., Nov. 7
    Duration: 1 ½ hours
    Instructor: Courtney Comack

    $11.50/$10 OI members

New Class Mrs. Claus Explains it All!

Mrs. Claus lets you in on a few secrets about the Big Man himself! Enjoy cocoa, cookies and create a keepsake cookie plate or cocoa mug. You may pick-up your keepsake on Friday, December 11 after being fired in the kiln overnight.


    Ages: 4-7 with an accompanying adult
    Meets: 4-5:30pm Thursday, December 10
    Begins: Thurs., Dec. 10
    Duration: 1 ½ hours
    Instructor: Courtney Comack

    $21/$18 OI members per child. Each child will paint one piece of pottery.

New Class Mythbusting Nature: Outrageously Awesome Owls

Nocturnal animals are often surrounded by myth and misconception due to the fact that they are not encountered as frequently as diurnal animals. Explore the outrageously uncommon biology of an owl and their awesome adaptations. Learn the importance of these animals on prey populations. Dissect owl pellets and identify the bones of the small mammals and birds they eat.


    Ages: First grade & up
    Meets: 1-3pm Saturday, October 24
    Begins: Sat., Oct. 24
    Duration: 2 hours
    Instructor(s): Robin Lee

    $14/$12 OI members

Merry and Bright Candy Cane Hunt

Oh No! Santa was so amazed by the Festival of Lights at Oglebay that he tipped his sleigh and spilled candy canes all along the trails! Bundle up, bring a flashlight and see how many you can find. Finding a rare and special one will win you a prize! Begin by crafting holiday bags to store our finds and enjoy hot chocolate, cookies and holiday-themed games after we return. Children must be accompanied by an adult.


    Ages: 3-8 years with accompanying adult
    Meets: 5-6pm Saturday, December 5, 12, and 19
    Begins: Sat., Dec. 5
    Duration: 1 hour sessions
    Instructor(s): Greg Moore

    $7/$6 OI members per child with accompanying adult
    Walk-ins welcome.

Saturday Scavenger Hunts

Discover more about the natural world as you explore the Schrader Center and Oglebay Park as a family. Pick-up a packet at the Schrader Center front desk and complete the scavenger hunt to receive a prize. The hunt may be on the trails or in the center, weather dependent. Program ongoing noon-4pm.


    Ages: Families
    Meets: 12-4pm Sept. 5, Oct. 3, Nov. 7 and Dec. 5
    Begins: Sat., Sept. 5
    Duration: ongoing
    Instructor(s): Schrader Center Naturalists


Corporate & Group Programs


Targeted to adults at all skill levels. Participants are instructed in proper shooting technique, form, range estimation, safety and more. Equipment is provided and participants should wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes and clothing that is weather-appropriate. Groups of 10-15.


    Ages: Adults
    Meets: by appointment
    Begins: by appointment
    Duration: 1 hour
    Instructor(s): Greg Park

    $50 per person ($250 minimum)

A.B. Brooks Nature Hike

Nature Hikes are part of a long tradition of nature study in Oglebay Park. The A.B. Brooks Nature Hike will focus on natural history and serves as a venue for socialization and the sharing of ideas.The Schrader Center staff will lead groups of up to 20 participants through 1 mile of trails around Oglebay. It is recommended to wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes and clothing that is weather-appropriate. Sunglasses are a plus. Field guides and binoculars will be provided.


    Ages: Adults
    Meets: by appointment
    Begins: by appointment
    Duration: 1 hour
    Instructor(s): Schrader Center Staff

    $25 per person ($125 minimum)